Rottal eSport GmbH includes several brands and several players in various game titles at the same time. With EVOPLAY, we use the possibilities of Rottal eSport GmbH to create branding to promote national and international eSports and to train professional players.
We always strive to let young talents or already experienced professionals play under our branding. Through our employees, we can provide targeted support and explain your options. You are welcome to apply in any format directly under the following e-mail: bewerbung@rottalesport.de your e-mail will then be sent to the responsible head of the division.
In addition to eSports, Rottal eSport GmbH also organizes online marketing and serves a large network of fans, spectators and members. It is possible for us to carry out targeted marketing for potential sponsors. In classic style, we would like to inform you at a meeting about the possibilities and potential of Rottal eSport GmbH and its brands. Please feel free to send us an e-mail in this regard: info@rottalesport.de
On our social media channels you will find all information about future plans of new teams or employees. We would therefore be delighted if you follow us on our channels.
In addition to our brands, please visit us on our main page www.rottalesport.de
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